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Thiago Cucci

Nominated by the renowned entity Globo International and Focus Brasil for the most influential people in sports in Orlando.


Background based on sales and Marketing, with a bachelor's in Administration and MBA for FGV in Brazil.


Thiago is focused on sales, bringing new concepts, and delivering the BEST and the NEW for your customers and partners.

Thiago Cucci Portfolio in past 6 years :

High Soccer Academy - After School Program.

( Over 21 Schools)

High Soccer Arena - Largest Indoor Soccer.

High Soccer Prospects - Competitive team with Orlando's First Hybrid program.

High Soccer Foundation - Soccer for underprivileged kids.

Orlando City After School - After school with Official MLS Club


His big goal it's to create in 2021/2022 our expansion as a franchisee model keeping the quality and expanding the branding nationally.

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